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How Restaurants Benefit From Storage Units

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For how useful it can be, self storage is a surprisingly overlooked option for restaurant owners and managers. After all, it takes a lot beyond just food to run a restaurant. You need tables, chairs, decor, dinnerware, dishes, plates, and all kinds of other stuff. All that “other stuff” tends takes up a lot of space. Space considerations aren’t just a matter of comfort, either--they’re even a matter of profitability. If you can’t host enough customers at once, you’ll be limiting how successful your restaurant can be. 

Storage units are a great way to circumvent that potential space problem. That's where storage units come in. They can give you the backup you need without the overwhelming cost of moving into a larger building. Here are some of the biggest benefits restaurants can get from using their storage unit correctly:

You can expand your wine list in an affordable way

Wine storage is tricky. Bottles are large, unwieldy, and temperature sensitive. They require racks and racks of space for storage. Installing a wine cellar is a huge undertaking that many restaurants don't have the space or overhead to afford.

 So what do you do? Get a climate controlled storage unit. It won't be on site, so you'd have to cycle various bottles throughout the week, but it gives you that flexibility. You can make sure your bottles are stored safely and properly without the undertaking of building new space.

You can invest in special, seasonal decor.

When you’re already strapped for space, seasonal decor isn’t something you’re going to prioritize. However, it can make a big difference to customers looking for a festive dining experience. Investing in the kind of things that make restaurant more enjoyable is a considerable element to success… but you’ll have to manage those things. A storage unit can help with that. 

With a storage unit, could buy holiday or special event decorations, limited-time inventory, or all kinds of other extra, special stuff without worrying about where you’re going to put it. When you don’t need your decorations any more, you could throw them in your storage unit until next time. Even if you only maintain the storage unit during busy seasons or holidays, it will help when you need it.

You can better maintain efficiency.

You do need tablecloths, settings, candles, silverware, napkins, and patio furniture.  You do need your special appliances for pop-ups, extra uniforms, aprons, dishes, menus, and black boards. Just because you don’t have room for these things doesn’t mean they’re not important… just like how, unfortunately, just because they’re important doesn’t mean you have room for them. 

Storage units offer a solution to this vexing problem. With a unit’s help, you can streamline your restaurant's functionality by only keeping everyday necessities on hand. You’ll remain efficient and open up your workspace without sacrificing the important but more situational inventory you maintain. When you do need that inventory, it’ll be a quick drive away. 

You can more easily experiment with aesthetic.

Freeing up your restaurant’s space and time does more than just make it more efficient. It also gives you an opportunity to get more creative. You can experiment with the layout, decor, or even idea of your restaurant much more easily when you have a plan to move things you want to move out. 

With a storage unit, you can rearrange some tables, put up some new wall art, install some new lighting, or even change things around more drastically--all without needing to actually discard the stuff you’re moving. If your experiments fail, you can simply move your stored stuff back into your restaurant as needed. If your experiments succeed, you have a place to manage the old stuff while you get rid of it.

You can find the perfect balance between efficiency and adventure by using self-storage to back your restaurant.

If you're interested in making more space for your supplies, give Storage Direct a call. We have personalized solutions to fit your needs, whatever they may be.