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How to Make Friends After Moving Cross-Country

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Making friends as an adult is never easy. Everyone is busy. Everyone has lives, responsibilities, partners, children, and award-winning TV shows to catch up on. Making friends as an adult is even more difficult after you’ve moved across the country. It’s hard to even know where to start.

Strange as it may seem to think of it this way, making new friends is an important part of moving into a new community. Having a support network or even just people to talk to is an essential aspect of feeling like you’re home. Think of meeting people as another step on your moving checklist and try to approach it proactively. If you take an active role in socializing, you might find it’s easier to make new friends than you thought! Here are four great, proactive ways to start meeting people and making friends in your new home: 

Use social media to your advantage. 

Social media is your window to the world. Not everyone is extroverted enough to just put themselves out there, and that's okay. Try finding people on Twitter or Instagram who are posting about your city. 

You could even find and join local Facebook groups. Chances are, there’s even a Facebook group recent transplants in your city! Visiting more niche social websites like Meetup or Supper Club is also a great option. Social media is a great way to get to know the community you’re a part of and start to participate in it.

Get to know your new coworkers. 

Whether you moved because of work or not, if you’re in a new place you likely have a new job. It can be intimidating to find your place inside a new work hierarchy, but don’t fret. You’re likable, cool, and they already hired you - so they already saw something special in you. 

Start by accepting any extra meeting, lunch, or happy hour invitations. What starts as a work formality can quickly turn into genuine connection if you feel comfortable with it.

Consider volunteering in the community. 

An easy, low-pressure way to meet people is by volunteering. Maybe a local charity needs help moving inventory or running an event. Maybe a soup kitchen or non-profit literary magazine needs volunteers. 

Find an opportunity that lines up with your existing interests and take the plunge. Even if you don’t make new friends right away, you’ll be helping out your new community. That’s a win in and of itself!

Don't be afraid to do the inviting. 

The most important part of making friends after moving cross-country is putting yourself out there. When people are older, they easily get stuck in the social structures they’ve been in for years. It’s easy, and convenient. Even if they want to make new friends, they might struggle to make time for them. 

You’ll have to be the one that initiates. It’ll be scary at first, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time. You’ll be surprised how many people you find that are looking for the same thing you are but were too scared to open up.


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