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What is Storage Direct?

Storage Direct operates as a brand under our parent company, Platinum Storage. Platinum Storage is a highly recognized self storage company focusing on the ownership-operations of more than 40 self storages nationwide. We provide turnkey property management, acquisition, and development solutions for our clients, which are focused on maximizing the profitability of each self storage facility. Our clients’ benefit from our 25 years of experience as a self storage company, and long-standing relationships we have forged in the self-storage industry as well as the expertise we have gained from being a top 20 operator.

Through effective management, marketing tools, and economies of scale we are able to tailor plans for individual storage facilities to lower operational costs, raise revenues, and increase the overall cash flow of the facilities we operate. Platinum Storage's ability to spot unique self storage investments as well as oversee and implement the operating plans of each of its facilities has made this self storage company attractive to capital partners looking for above average returns.

Recognized Industry Leaders

Highly experienced in the development and acquisition of self storages, Platinum Storage has mastered its ability to identify properties with value-added opportunities or prospective for higher returns. Dealing primarily with larger A & B properties in markets with high barriers to entry, Platinum Storage is an expert in expanding, renovating, and repositioning these assets to produce significant returns and increase their ultimate sale value.

The Storage Direct Brand

Storage Direct is the brand name under which we professionally operate all of our own properties, giving us control over the performance of our investments. We utilize a sophisticated technological and operational infrastructure to increase efficiency and maximize location performance. As we have grown, we have begun to initiate a nationwide branding campaign in order to achieve a strong brand image, economies of scale, enhanced performance and increased services for both our tenants and clients. Our services include feasibility studies, consulting, management contracts, franchising, as well as acquisition opportunities through joint ventures and partnerships.

Whether we are providing you with professional management, consulting, national branding or working with you on the acquisition or development of your storage investment, we can increase the value of your property and align your site with a strong brand and a solid company. We embrace the needs of all of our clients, as well as understand the technical skills and fiduciary role involved in operating a facility with a vested interest. If you’re looking to take advantage of the returns possible in your self-storage investment, trust Platinum Storage to bring you the tools necessary to succeed!

Storage Direct is a proud partner of StorageFront!